Ignite Change

Are YOU Ready to go from stuck to soaring?

If you are an executive, leader, or entrepreneur in the area of education, healthcare, banking, or ministry, you will want to listen up…

As we move further into 2021, the landscape of business has changed. People talk about going “back to normal” – but the truth is we will NEVER go back to the way it was. That calls for you, as a business leader to be innovative and creative in finding new ways to serve your customers.

Are you ready to Ignite Change in your life, your business, and your industry?

 Monica brings expertise in helping you successfuly bring your project to completion, focusing on the areas of:

  • Project Management

  • Program Development Strategies

  • Business Startups

Monica Gilbert brings over 20 years of experience in

Health Care
Banking and Finance
Start-up Business Development
Church Development & Ministry

Monica Gilbert has helped many find great success and bring ideas to life through planning, strategy, and execution of projects for Fortune 500 companies to independent business owners to churches and ministries. Her one-on-one business consulting has a HISTORY of creating great results!

Isn’t it time you stop wasting your energy and start implementing proven strategies and processes that will take your and your business where you want to go? Like they say, the definition of insanity is doing the same thing and expecting a different outcome. Are you ready to stop the insanity?

If you are just starting out or looking to shift into the new normal because of the pandemic, Monica is a great resource to help you start a new business, implement a new project, or redefine workflow and process.

Schedule a FREE 1-hour Discovery Session TODAY and begin to ignite the necessary change in your business for success!

What People are Saying...


“Monica is adept at whipping your business into shape by implementing systems and procedures so that everything concerning your business model makes sense.”

Beatrice Bruno
Drill Sergeant of Life, Business Coach


“Monica Gilbert brings a wealth of management consulting experience that blends the diligence of core business acumen with the focus of the client that positively impacts the customer experience.”

Willie W. Cooper. Jr.


“Monica is an extremely talented senior level IT consultant. She has a strong ability to work with senior leadership to develop a plan of action and drive results.”

Chris Rozelle
Managing Director at Modis


“Monica doesn’t stop at the concept but walks you through creating a plan to implement your future. I highly recommend her to anyone who is SERIOUS about building their business on a solid foundation.”

Soleil Meade
Business Owner


“Monica has a gift for breaking things down in manageable steps. It is exciting to see my dreams becoming my reality! She is the most impactful coach I have ever worked with!”

Tracy Fagan
Business Owner