A Shattered Heart: A Journey of Hope, Trust and Healing – Paperback


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A Shattered Heart is a walk with Monica (Hawkins) Gilbert as she shares her emotional journey following the tragic murder of her son Donté. She shares how her faith in God was challenged and how she learned to bow to His sovereignty. Prepare to share her grief, unspeakable pain and her healing process to inspire you to hope, trust and love again after a traumatic experience.

Her journey will encourage and challenge you to run to God despite times of feeling anger, frustration, hurt and hopelessness; knowing there is still a plan and purpose for your life.

Monica’s vulnerability, honesty and comforting words from her talks with God and her support system will provide guidance in your grief journey. If your heart has been shattered this is a must read book. It will help you or any loved one take the first step to finding your new normal after tragedy.